Caring for your dog in winter

The Australian winter can be considered tame in comparison to other countries throughout the world however, there is still a noticeable change in seasons and a chill that sets in for a few months. We have created a quick reference guide to help with taking care of your pet during the colder season.

Prevent paws cracking

Cold temperatures and cool winds can create dry noses and cracked paws. Coconut oil is an inexpensive and natural way to moisturise your pups’ snout and paws, by applying it topically as needed. Pups tend to like the taste and smell which is a good cheat to keep them co-operative when applying!

Get creative with indoor activities

Whether it is the human or dog that isn’t keen on going outside when cold, it’s likely you will spend less time outdoors during the winter months. Combat boredom for your pup by getting creative with indoor games. If you have the space in your home, hide and seek or gentle fetch can be a good way to get in some extra steps and activity. Interactive puzzle toys, chew toys or enrichment toys are also an excellent way to mentally stimulate your pup and keep them entertained. We love LikiMats or the Kong Classic Rubber Toy to feed their meals or give healthy treats to your pup.

Watch their weight and hydration

With less exercise and time outdoors, it can be easy for your pooch to put on some extra kilos (and isn’t just a thicker coat of fur!). Monitor their weight and adjust their portion sizes or switch to a higher protein, lower fat diet if necessary. Always follow the recommending feeding guidelines on your dog’s food package and check with your vet before changing their diet. With increased use of heating indoors, make sure to keep your pup’s water intake up so they stay adequately hydrated.

Wear jumpers and pyjamas

Dogs wearing clothing is a thing! Our canine companions do feel the cold and some breeds are more sensitive to it than others, such as French Bulldogs, Great Danes, Greyhounds and Boxers. It’s a good idea to invest in a heavier weight jumper or Puffer vest for venturing outdoors and dog pyjamas in a lighter weight material for overnight. We love the weight and style of the Country Road Enzo Dog Jumper for daytime, but there are so many choices available out there to cater for all preferences for your pup.

Swap to a winter bed and blanket

Just like we change our bed quilt during winter, our pupper’s bedding should be changed to reflect the climate too. Dog beds that have raised walls or a hood and plush faux fur are great at keeping in the warmth and making your dog feel cozy. Blankets are also an excellent idea and particularly important for dogs with joint pain, which worsens in cold temperatures. The Snooza Calming beds and blankets are our dogs’ favourites.


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