Top 5 Dog Grooming Tips
Hey there, fellow dog lovers! Keeping your furry friend looking and feeling their best doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these top five dog grooming tips, you'll have your pooch strutting their stuff in no time. So let's...
7 Questions to ask your breeder when getting a puppy
Choosing a breeder is a crucial step when you're considering adding a new furry friend to your family. Whether you're looking for a specific breed or simply want a healthy and well-socialised pet, asking the right questions can help you...
5 Essential Dog Training Commands for a Well-Behaved Pup
Learn the 5 essential basic training commands to teach your dog to establish a good base foundation and positive behaviour.
Public Dog Water Bowls – Are They Safe?
Communal dog water bowls are a common sight these days, appearing in front of cafes and in the dog park. While these might seem like a good idea during a long walk for a thirsty doggo, it is important to...
Dog Sun Safety
The summer seasons are filled with positive time spent outdoors at the park, beach and barbeques - creating memories with family and friends. Along with all the good times, in hot climates we need to be vigilant of practicing sun...
Bisous x Infinitely Posh: A guide to the most stylish dog walks
Read the Infinitely Posh blog post about how to have the most stylish dog walks with Bisous accessories. Are you interested in sprucing up your pup's wardrobe for their daily stroll around the neighborhood? Look no further! I have got...
House & Garden's Perfect Christmas Gifts
Christmas is almost here and if you haven’t already, it’s time to give some serious thought into gifts for your fur baby and fur friends! Bisous accessories make a perfect Christmas gift and we are so proud to have been...
Preparing your dog for the summer months
  After a few years of sporadic weather due to La Nina, the warm summer heat seems to finally be returning in Australia. It’s important to make adjustments around the home and in our daily habits to ensure our dog(s)...
WIRED Feature – September / October 2022
A Bisous feature in WIRED magazine’s Sept-Oct 2022 issue, read below why our four-buckle harness is the best design for your dog. “BISOUS design luxury dog accessories inspired by French culture. They are creators of the original four buckle harness...
5 Things We Wish We Knew Before Getting a Puppy
Between my sister and I we have 3 French Bulldogs.  Here's just a few things we learnt collectively as fur parents to puppies.
5 Tips for the Best Dog Walks
Whether you have a lazy potato or super energised dog, daily walks are a fact of life for any pawrent. Here are 5 quick tips to help your walks run smoothly (pun intended). Stick to a routine Dogs respond well...
Bisous x WIRED
  Excited to announce our feature in WIRED magazine’s July/August 2022 issue! Our main fur model Louis showcases one of our most popular designs, the Petit Dèj harness set. See the full magazine feature below.
Bisous in British Vogue - July 2022
  We are very proud and excited to share our third feature in British Vogue! Find us in the July 2022 magazine and online feature. "Designed in Australia, BISOUS is a luxury dog brand offering high quality, stylish lifestyle accessories....
Caring for your dog in winter
The Australian winter can be considered tame in comparison to other countries throughout the world however, there is still a noticeable change in seasons and a chill that sets in for a few months. We have created a quick reference guide to help with taking care of your pet during the colder season.
Bisous x Vogue - June 2022 Edition
  Our most recent harness release, the Saint Tropez pattern, was featured in British Vogue’s June 2022 magazine and online Retail Gifts edit. The Saint Tropez design is the perfect pup style for a European summer. See our magazine feature...
5 Things to Know Before Getting a Puppy
Bringing home your newest family member is an incredibly exciting and memorable time, it is also a big responsibility... Here are 5 things you need to know to prepare!
Bisous featured in British Vogue
In just 4 months post launch, Bisous was fortunate enough to be featured in the iconic British Vogue magazine’s May 2022 edition.
Harness vs. Collar

A harness or collar – which is best for your dog?


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