French Bulldog in dog harness with woman owner


Bisous (pronounced: bizzoo) is an Australian based business co-founded by two sisters. We were inspired by our French Bulldogs and French culture to design luxury accessories that make caring for your dog easier, while still allowing them to look their best.  

At Bisous we aim to provide you with premium pet products you can feel good about. A brand you can rely on to design fashionable accessories you’ll be proud to style your fur baby in.

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High quality, stylish and functional dog accessories to elevate you and your pup.



We design our products thoughtfully for the modern lifestyle and aesthetic and are guided by three core values – Design, Mindset and Contribution.

Design | très chic

Bisous takes design seriously and our products are created to be stylish and practical. We were inspired by the heritage of our own beloved fur children and the enduringly chic French style. We know your dog isn’t walking down the catwalk on walkies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look good. Style is a form of self-expression, it’s an attitude – which doggos certainly have lots of – and which our products proudly embrace.

Mindset | joie de vivre

There is beauty in simple pleasures. Like the ritual of your morning coffee or the uncontainable excitement of your dog when you arrive home. To fully appreciate these moments, you need to possess a certain mindset – to realise it’s the small moments that ultimately add up to a happy and fulfilled life. The French have an expression for this called ‘joie de vivre’ – an exuberant enjoyment in embracing all of life. We believe in this philosophy that encourages you to enjoy the moments, not take life too seriously, and never forget to have fun along the way.

Contribution | aider son prochain

At Bisous, it’s important we give back where we can and help those who can’t help themselves. To act on this value, we have partnered with the animal welfare charity PetRescue Australia, and donate a percentage from every sale to help PetRescue find homes for every pet in Australia. Our aider son prochain (mission to help others) is to do our part – along with your help - in supporting PetRescue to achieve their mission; where every pet is safe, respected, and loved.

Green landscape


We are conscious of our environmental impact and try to do what we can as a small business. We use recycled and compostable packaging where possible and endeavour to operate in a sustainable way, where our products are fashionable but not fast fashion. We strive for chic designs that are original and long-lasting.

To operate more sustainably, we won’t create a new product design themed to every holiday or trend that comes along. We want Bisous to be where you shop for fur-wardrobe staples - where you know your pup will look amazing whenever they wear our accessories. As a result, you will see less ‘new releases’ from Bisous but instead enjoy luxury, quality and lasting designs, that will stylishly take your pup to every occasion across seasons.