Preparing your dog for the summer months

Dachshund at the beach


After a few years of sporadic weather due to La Nina, the warm summer heat seems to finally be returning in Australia. It’s important to make adjustments around the home and in our daily habits to ensure our dog(s) remain comfortable over the warmer months and to avoid them overheating.

Here are 5 home and lifestyle adjustments we adopt when summer arrives:

Change their bedding

Almost all doggos love the soft, fluffy beds which are perfect for keeping in heat during winter but not ideal when temperatures are 25 degrees or more! Swap out fluffy beds and blankets for ones made with more breathable, natural, and cooling materials such as cotton and bamboo. This Cool Cuddler Bamboo Blend Bed is made with a cool-touch fabric and is perfect for warmer climates and summer nights, so that your pooch doesn’t get too hot while snoozing.

Keep a travel water bowl and insulated water bottle

When outside on summer days the heat can build up fast and before you know it, your pup is panting and in need of a drink. Communal water bowls can carry diseases or stale water that you don’t want to expose your dog to, plus we can’t always rely on there being a fresh water source wherever we are. Don’t get caught off guard and leave a Travel Water Bowl attached to your leash or in your car during the summer months when your dog needs it most. An Insulated Water Bottle is key so that you have your own water source that will stay cool and safe to give your dog for hours, even when exposed to the heat.

Introduce frozen treats and enrichment toys

Summertime can be the best for getting creative with enrichment toys and entertaining your dog for hours! Stuff your dog’s favourite treats or mashed banana and strawberry in a Kong Classic Enrichment Toy and put it in the freezer. Once the treats have frozen, remove the toy and wait 5 minutes for it to warm just slightly (to avoid brain freeze and their tongue getting stuck) and then give to your dog. They will have a cooling, frozen treat and be entertained for ages.

Adjust the walkies routine

Just like we adjust our routines in summer due to daylight savings with the sun rising earlier and setting later, it’s important to reflect on whether the walking routine for our pup needs a change too. Depending on where you live, walking your dog at the same time as you do in winter may be unsafe if it would put them at risk of overheating (such as in the middle of the day in high temperatures). This is particularly important for Brachycephalic Dogs who are prone to overheating. During summer, it’s always best to walk your dog in the coolest hours of the day – early in the morning and late in the evening.

Use a cooling mat

If your dog does happen to get a little too hot, a Cooling Mat is an excellent way to bring their temperature down. Cooling Mats are designed with heat-transferring technology to draw the heat away from your dog fast! Keep one on the floor, on the couch, in the car – wherever you need it. They are affordable and good to have on hand should your pup need some help to cool down.


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