Harness vs. Collar

Four Bisous dog harnesses in various patterns and colours, black, red, blue and pink

A harness or collar – which is best for your dog?

Both are great for different occasions and a stylish collar can make a serious statement. Around the home we tend to have our dogs wearing a collar but for daily dog walks, we always opt for a harness.

A harness is a better alternative to a collar on walks as it secures your dog through the chest and doesn’t pull around their throat like a collar would. This is especially important for brachycephalic breeds (such as French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers and Boxers) who have Obstructed Airway Syndrome due to their shortened noses and heads, meaning they inherently suffer from restricted breathing. It’s best not to place additional stress around their necks which could limit their breathing further, so a harness is usually the safest option for walks.

Not only do harnesses avoid placing extra stress around your dog’s neck, they can also reduce strain and minimise the potential for injury, particularly if your dog is a puller (we are looking at you stubborn puppers!). Using a harness with a front clip to attach your leash is an excellent way to manage pulling on walks and train them to stop this habit, as it removes the advantage of your dog to pull.

The Bisous Lifestyle Harness has a front and back clip as well as four buckles to easily put on the harness, so it’s a great addition to your dog walking and training regime.

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